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Snap Me Pro for BlackBerry 10 On Sale!

ImageSnap Me Pro for BlackBerry 10 is now available to download. You can use it for capturing foto with frame to choose, there are 8 categories of frame available for now.

Or you want to create Meme or Quotes on top of captured foto and share it to your friend 🙂

Download it at and join the Channel C004B1717

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Feed Manga Pro goes BFB

IMG_00000819Finally Feed Manga Pro passes the BFB review process, it was exciting moment when i knew this app approved as BFB application. i hope users will able to see it more “clearly” 😉

if you are still wondering what is this app exactly do, then i’ll write a flash note 😀

Feed Manga Pro is a manga reader application so if you are a manga fans then you will find more than 10 thousand of manga title available on this app.

Feed Manga Pro is currently available for the Z and Q + Porche design BlackBerry 10 version. So if you are interested just switch to BlackBerry 10 platform and get this app 😉



Ready to download ? jump to


See ya!

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Flowr for BlackBerry 10

Guess everyone know that not so many main stream aplication already exist on BlackBerry 10 platform, including Flickr. For those profesional photographer, Flickr is still the best foto sharing site.

Don`t be sad for Flickr not get into BlackBerry Platform yet, because you can use Flowr which is a Flickr client as an alternative application.

You can upload, you photos to Flickr, discover interesting photos and put it on your Favs.

Flowr for BlackBerry 10 download it on


It’s finally arrived (The Red Z10)

I have waited so long for the BlackBerry Limited edition, and it has been sent from warehouse last week. All of my bbdevid friends has the same feeling. The forum was very hot when some of the member got it first 😀

One by one all the member got this beautiful device, it’s in red, looks like a Ferrari 😉 and finally I got the chance to felt their excited feeling;)

Thanks BlackBerry for the gift

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Setup Cocos2D-x for BB10

ImageHave you ever know Cocos2D-x ? yes it is branch Cocos2d-iPhone you can find more about it by accessing their website

Today focus is how to configure Cocosd=2D-x for creating Game on BlackBerry 10. So lets begin!

You need to download Cocos2D-x from their site and of course the BlackBerry NDK from cascades download site

Since Cocos2D-x is a zip file, so you can extract it to somewhere, i extract it to C:\cocos2d-x-2.1 (i`m windows user). and you have to run setup process for the BlackBerry NDK.

To start creating Cocos project for BlackBerry 10, go to cocos2d-x-2.1 folder and locate create-blackberry-project.vbs and execute it so you are prompted to fill the Project Name

Klik OK to proceed, then you will see this kind of alert which is tell you to open your BlackBerry 10 NDK and import the created project.

And you will find there is new folder created which has same name with the project name, well its your future project folder 🙂

Next step is you have to open BlackBerry NDK

and import the YuhuBB10 Project into it.

don`t forget to import cocos2dx and CocosDenshion to.

Next, you got to set the simulator, and compile the project then Run.

OK, thats it, you can create Game easily with Cocos 🙂 wait for my next tutorial. see ya:)